ACT Work Ready Community

Madison County is a Work Ready Community, which is a community based frame-work that:

  • Links workforce development to education
  • Aligns with the economic development needs of communities, regions and states
  • Matches individuals to jobs based on skill levels

By participating in ACT’s® Work Ready Communities initiative, counties, regions and states are helping:

  • Business and industry know exactly what foundational skills they need for a productive workforce – and to easily communicate their needs
  • Individuals understand what skills are required by employers – and how to prepare themselves for success
  • Policy makers consistently measure the skills gap in a timely manner at the national, state and local levels
  • Educators close the skills gap, via tools integrated into career pathways with stackable industry-recognized credentials
  • Economic developers use an on-demand reporting tool to market the quality of their workforce
Total NCRC Bronze NCRC Silver NCRC Gold NCRC Platinum NCRC
Holmes CC District 4,807 1,797 2,275 583 152
Jackson Metro 7,320 2,852 3,123 1,011 334
Central Mississippi Crossroads Consortium 29,199 10,691 14,136 3,536 825

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Basic Skills


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