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Madison County Quarterly HR Roundtable

MCEDA’s Q3 HR Roundtable featured Ms. Jackie Turner, Executive Director for the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) and Mr. Timothy Rush, Director of Unemployment Insurance. Our guest speakers addressed questions and scenarios related to unemployment fraud. A variation of scenarios were presented in the webinar and our guests from MDES helped us navigate through the scenarios.

Note: The scenarios that were addressed as well as some questions that were asked are below.

Scenario: We have team members who accepted their Return to Work notices. However, they are repeatedly calling in for their shifts stating it’s due to personal or other reasons without any documentation. We have multiple team members also saying that they have no childcare, but they refuse to even try to look for any alternatives. All of these team members are filing for partial unemployment even though we have work available. They are coming up with a variety of reasons not to come in and work their full schedules even after accepting their Return to Work letters.

Question: Is this basically a Refusal to Work based on their original Return to Work offer? How do we handle these frequent situations? We are especially concerned about those claiming childcare issues. We are not subject to the Families First paid leave because we have over 500 team members and a time-off policy, and we don’t want to run afoul of any legal issues.

 Scenario: We have team members who no-call/no-show in order to continue trying to draw unemployment. This is different than calling because these team members don’t even attempt to contact us. Our policy has always been that no-call/no-show is voluntary quit.

Question: Is this still applicable during COVID-19 and within our legal right to document this as voluntary quit?

Scenario: We have a team member who is supposed to be working her full-time, 32-hour week schedule as she accepted her Return to Work notice. However, she then said she has no childcare and could only work 13 hours this week between Thursday – Sunday. However, she is now posting on social media today from the beach in Florida on a day that she should have been working.

Question: Does this constitute unemployment fraud, and can we have that discussion with her? What ramifications does this blatant behavior have for team members?

Question: Are any of the appeal processes in place?  I have employees that have quit with no notice that I have appealed.  I am now getting order of dismissal on these.  Does that mean the employee is receiving UI payment?

Question: When someone files for UI what steps are in place to see if they are deemed to be eligible or noneligible? What is the turn around time on these?

Scenario: This next scenario unfortunately has come up multiple times over the past 4 weeks. A team member says they have been exposed to a family member with COVID-19. They say they are self-quarantining for 14 days, but provide no documentation regarding any exposure, follow-up with a healthcare provider, or that they are being tested. Some refuse to be tested. (Keep in mind as well that a 14-day quarantine is no longer the CDC guideline for exposure.) We also find out from other team members that they plan to file for unemployment while they are out.

Question: How do we handle this situation? Are we supposed to just take a team member’s word about exposure with no documentation? Do they qualify for unemployment if they are out for supposed COVID-19 even though we aren’t subject to Families First and have a time-off policy?

Question: When is the work requirement going to be reinstated? We are getting few applications because no one wants to come to work until August 1 when the $600 federal weekly benefit runs out. We can’t replace these team members when no one will apply for jobs since they’re making more at home on unemployment.

Question: Is MDES coming out with anything regarding unemployment fraud that we can post and share with our team members? (for example, a publication)

Question: We have heard discussions that MDES was developing a new function that would allow employers to review their records and see who is filing a claim against their account.  If an employee has been terminated, refused work or was still working full time, how could the employer report the claimant’s status?

Question: When we get the Notice to Employer of Claim Filed, the Quick Access System does not allow you to enter a “Not Unemployed” or “Still Working” separation reason.  If we have an employee that has never been separated, this would allow us to notify MDES much quicker. Does this function already exist, and if not – could this be implemented?

Question: If an employer is working 5 days and an employee misses a day how are we to report the days missed? Do we use the refusal to work on the website?


2020 Q2 Industry HR Roundtable

MCEDA’s Q2 HR Roundtable featured Ms. Jackie Turner, Executive Director for the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) as our guest speaker addressed questions related to unemployment processes and benefits. We had 80 attendees from various backgrounds including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, professional services, retail, hospitality, and government. Questions submitted prior to the webinar were addressed in the Q&A section moderated by Jimmy Giles, Workforce Coordinator with the CMPDD, and answered by Timothy Rush, Director of MDES’ office of Reemployment Assistance.

Note: MCEDA will address questions asked in the chat during the webinar on this page.

Madison County HR Roundtable Questions: 

  1. When will people on unemployment in Mississippi begin receiving the extra $600 per week?
  2. How do we communicate with the unemployment offices when we are reopened and need team members back to work and off unemployment?
  3. How will we get people back to work if they are still receiving the extra $600 a week?
  4. If our company has over 500 team members, do we need to post the new EFMLA poster?
  5. How do we handle hourly part-time employees in Covid-19?
  6. Is an employee that voluntarily quits employment because of concerns of contracting COVID-19 eligible for unemployment benefits? Specifically, if the employee’s hours are not being reduced and have not changed, the employee is not being laid off, and the employee is not leaving for the reasons identified by the FFCRA, and the employer is taking actions to protect employees from exposure.
  7. Do we have to pay taxes on unemployment receipts?
  8. Is there a deadline date when normal unemployment requirements will resume? Ex. Proof of looking for a job.
  9. If people do not qualify for regular UI benefits, how do they apply for Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (PUC) as provided for in the CARES Act?
  10. How are people informed that they may qualify under the Pandemic Unemployment Compensation?
  11. Where should people file for unemployment if they were laid off in a different state but live in Mississippi and filed taxes in Mississippi in 2019?
  12. Are sole proprietors/ self-employed Mississippi residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic/related economic downturn eligible for Mississippi as well as federal unemployment relief or only federal relief?
  13. If sole proprietors/self-employed are eligible (or may become eligible) for MS unemployment, (a) What are the parameters for such individuals to be eligible for unemployment benefits? (b) What financial records or documentation are required from people seeking relief and during what terms?
  14. If people want to apply for both state and federal unemployment (or only federal unemployment if ineligible for state unemployment), do they need to apply by completing the form available on the MDES website? Does the same application submit the request for BOTH types of relief, or is more than one application necessary?
  15. If a sole proprietor is denied unemployment and seeks an appeal and there is a hearing scheduled, what does she need to do in order to prepare for the hearing?

2020 Q1 Human Resources Roundtable

The Madison County Economic Development Authority and the Madison County Business League and Foundation hosted the Q1 2020 Human Resources Roundtable on February 26th. The topic was “Building a Positive Workplace Climate and Thriving Culture”. Thank you to our panel moderator Murray Harber from Mississippi Business Group on Health, and panelists Shonda Kines from Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company and Cori Hill-Carroll from Levi Strauss and Co.  The event was held at the Mississippi Hospital Association and sponsored by The First. 

2019 Q4 Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon

MCEDA held its fourth quarter Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon on December 17, 2019. The event was an Industry Appreciation Holiday Luncheon hosted at Two Rivers Restaurant Event Venue in Canton. Forty-two attendees representing seventeen Madison County companies joined together for fellowship and networking.

2019 Q3 Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon

MCEDA and the MCBL&F held its third quarter Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon on September 18, 2019. The event was hosted at the Canton WIN Job Center and sponsored by Central MS Planning and Development District and MS Department of Employment Security. During the luncheon, 53 HR Directors and Senior Managers representing 26 Madison County companies came to network, share ideas, and collaborate to address workforce strategies in Madison County.

2019 Q2 Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon

MCEDA and the MCBL&F held its second quarter Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon on June 6, 2019.  The event was hosted at and sponsored by Holmes Community College Workforce Development.  During the luncheon, 55 HR Directors and Senior Managers representing 27 Madison County companies came to network, share ideas, and collaborate to address workforce strategies in Madison County.

2019 Q1 Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon

MCEDA and MCBLF kicked off Madison County’s Industry HR Roundtable Luncheon on March 28, 2019.  During the luncheon, 50 HR Directors and Senior Managers representing 26 Madison County companies came to network, share ideas, and collaborate to address workforce strategies in Madison County.  Workforce partners Holmes Community College, MDES, MDRS, CMPDD, CAVS Extension and Canton Public Schools were in attendance as well.  Thank you to Entergy and CAVS Extension for sponsoring our Q1 2019 HR Roundtable Luncheon.

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