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The mission of the Madison County Entrepreneurship Committee is to inspire and support citizens in their pursuit of new business ventures by offering networking opportunities to encourage the sharing of ideas and information, and educational events focused on developing the skills necessary to build and run sustainable businesses.


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Raborn Media

As a full service marketing firm, Raborn Media strives to offer their clients cost-efficient marketing and advertising to help them achieve their goals. CEO Tyler Raborn has chosen to make Madison County his home for both business and pleasure, and he plans to continue to grow his business throughout the Southeast right from its base in Madison.

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Musee Bath

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Madison County! Musee bath is one example of a business that started in Madison County and continues to expand. Today, through their manufacturing and distribution center in Canton and retail shop in Flora, Musee bath makes and sells a variety of products that include bath balms, soaps, candles, and bath salts.

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Debeukelaer Corporation

The entrepreneurial spirit starts here! The Debeukelaer Corporation has been making its famous rolled wafers, Piroulines, in Madison County for more than 30 years. The family’s entrepreneurial spirit and vertical integration techniques serve them well as they continuously create new products and machinery that keep DBC competitive in the marketplace. As an example, they recently opened a tin container company−Madison Tin Company. We are proud the Debeukelaer family chose Madison County, MS many years ago and grateful that they continue to invest in our community.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Madison County!

How do we know? Because we see it everywhere – it’s the new coffee or retail shop, the painter or plumber who buys a truck and starts working for him/herself. But it is so much more! To really succeed we have to start thinking bigger about entrepreneurship – it is not limited to the idea of leaving where you are to do something else or to techie-things like launching a new app or online presence. No, entrepreneurship is a state of mind. We all have a job to do, whether it’s running a business, running a household, or pursuing a new business – having an entrepreneurship state of mind is thinking about how you can do, whatever you do, wherever you are, in a more creative, productive and efficient way.

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Are you in an entrepreneurship state of mind?

If not, we hope to help by sharing resources with you that our committee members have worked with directly and feel comfortable recommending to you. We hope to continue to add to the resource links on this page – so please check back often. Also, drop us a note and let us know what else you’d like to know about – we want to be your trusted first stop for how you can be the best version of you!


For more information, please contact Lauren Scheel at lscheel@madisoncountyeda.com

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