The Madison County Economic Development Authority will receive $15,000 from Entergy Mississippi toward the construction of a 300-foot access road leading into the Madison Megasite. The road will provide an access point into the site to attract new prospects and boost interest in the site that officials hope will lead to capital investment and job creation.

The organization is one of 14 in the state that will share $75,000 in grants for projects to make them more attractive to companies looking to expand or locate new facilities.

In its third year, Entergy’s Excellerator Competitive Communities program provided 50/50 matching grants in three categories: site readiness, marketing and organizational excellence. 

Ed Gardner, Entergy Mississippi director of business and economic development, noted that developing and maintaining quality industrial sites is a priority. 

“The company continues to invest in site readiness that supports industrial growth and sustainability,” Gardner said. “The sites that we develop in partnership with our communities today will house the companies and workforce of the future.”

This year, marketing grant applications topped the list for the innovative program.

“Our communities are enhancing the ways they promote their communities to site selectors,” said Gardner. “This will ultimately lead to more innovative economic development organizations that use the latest trends in marketing technology and communication.”

Grants were also provided for organizational excellence, as the health and structure of a community’s economic development organization is critical to its success, Gardner added. 

 “Their leaders guide and facilitate economic and community development efforts,” he said. “So, we support nurturing successful economic development organizations.” 

Along with assessments and grants, the Excellerator program offers training and workshops to all counties in Entergy’s service area. The Entergy Mississippi economic development team works with communities to help prepare them for growth.

“This is about more than enhancing economic development. We’re investing in our communities so that customers can have opportunities without having to leave the state,” said Gardner.