Outreach Program

Through our Existing Industry Program, MCEDA strives to ensure that the current 100+ existing businesses in Madison County – specifically manufacturers, processors, and distributors – are equipped with the programs and services to grow. As part of the program, MCEDA staff meets with businesses in Madison County to find the best practices for them through the use of no and low-cost programs. MCEDA can offer assistance to our existing industries in the following ways:

  • Build relationships with existing businesses through open communications and visitations
  • Act as an advocate and liaison for Madison County industries
  • Assist with workforce training and possible incentives for training
  • Assist with programs available for possible tax incentives
  • Identify and support opportunities to locate suppliers and/or customers
  • Help address business issues with appropriate entities

For more information about our Existing Industry program, contact:

Lauren Scheel, Director of Business Development.

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